Scuba diving may be the most fun you ever have off dry land. This mode of underwater adventuring relies on a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba), hence its name. It is extremely important to take scuba lessons before you try scuba diving underwater. Taking lessons is the number one way to stay safe because education is key. Beyond your scuba lessons, you should also consider these ways to stay safe when you’re ready to try your hand at scuba diving.

Do Conduct a Pre-Dive Buddy Check

Have a pre-dive buddy check every single time you go scuba diving. This should be carried out without exceptions to help ensure your safety. A pre-dive buddy check simply involves having a partner check to make sure you have all the right gear, equipment, and accessories before you get in the water. Check on each other. You want to make sure your gear is on properly and that nothing is left behind.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Under Water at Any Point

Although it can seem like holding your breath my sometimes be necessary with scuba diving, that is not true at all. When taking scuba lessons, that will likely be the first thing that your instructor says, but it is worth repeating until it sinks in to every scuba diving student. If you hold your breath underwater, you can wind up seriously injured or, in a worst-case scenario, even dead. Don’t worry! Safety precautions are exactly that. Instead of attempting to hold your breath, breathe steadily while you are scuba diving.

Do Make Fitness a Priority

Scuba diving is physically demanding like a sport, and you need to be in top shape in order to get the most from the experience. Although a lot of time that you spend scuba diving will feel very relaxing, you will likely need to dive in strong currents and go for long swims. Also, you will need to carry equipment that can be heavy, and the exposure to different weather conditions can further make it a physically demanding activity. Try to stay physically fit, eat healthily, and avoid alcohol in the weeks prior to going on a scuba diving adventure.

Finally, keep in mind that scuba diving can be one of the most fun things that you do for yourself. Taking scuba lessons is one way to set yourself up for success and ensure you learn the safest practices for scuba diving.