Three Great Jobs In Aviation That Beat Working For The Airlines!

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Have you always dreamed of flying for a living but don’t want to work for a commercial flight service? Fortunately, obtaining a degree in aviation provides you with multiple career opportunities that don’t involve flying for one of the airlines. Following are just three of the many exciting paths that you can take after you have completed the proper aviation training.  Flight Instructor Teaching others to fly can be a rewarding career for those who enjoy teaching others how to do something they love, and if you have earned your commercial rating, you’re qualified to teach. Flight instructors are also in high demand due to many pilots reaching retirement age as well as the growth of the airline industry in general, so you’d have plenty of job security. Flight instructors can work directly for individual airlines, flight schools, or for themselves. Pay and benefits are also rising significantly for flight instructors because of the current lack of qualified pilots.  U.S. Forest Service Pilot If you’re enthralled by abundant natural beauty and pristine wilderness, you might consider hiring on as a pilot with the U.S. Forest Service. Most of your flight time will be during forest fire season transporting equipment and fire fighting crews to strategic locations. You’ve also got the option of contracting with them on an as-needed basis or applying for a year-round position. Recent drought conditions in many parts of the country have resulted in an increased need for flight personnel to combat forest fires. If you choose to apply for a year-round position, you’ll be working at inspecting and maintaining aircraft and other ground operations as well as providing transportation for non-firefighting related activities. For instance, you might fly wildlife biologists in and out of the field. Private Jet Pilot Working as a private pilot for a wealthy individual just might be one of the best jobs anyone could ever hope for. You’d be visiting the world’s most beautiful places on a regular basis, and the aircrafts are usually extremely well maintained and fitted with luxurious amenities. You can also expect to be put up in first-class hotels with all the perks for the duration of your stay in various locations. For instance, if the owner of the jet goes on vacation in the South of France for two weeks, you’re on vacation there as well –with your boss footing the entire bill.   Your local flight training school can provide you with more information on what type of post-graduate opportunities may be awaiting you. However, before you can pursue any of these careers, you’ll have to get your aviation degree. To help you pay for that degree, consider looking into aviation...

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The Many Benefits Of Choosing Kickboxing As Your Form Of Exercise

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Kickboxing is a form of boxing and martial arts, and is a great way to get some exercise. If you learn kickboxing from a martial arts school, this will ensure you do it correctly.  Below are some of the benefits of choosing kickboxing as your form of exercising. Burn Calories Fast Kickboxing is a form of cardio, and can help you burn calories and fat quickly. For example, on average, you will burn between 500 and 600 calories after kickboxing for one hour. If you are taking an intense kickboxing class, you could burn up to 1000 calories per hour.  Kickboxing works well to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, which puts you at an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Tone Your Entire Body When you perform kickboxing, you are using all of the muscles in your body. If you use kickboxing pads, you use even more muscles. This means you will tone your entire body giving you a trimmer waste line, strong arms, strong legs, and even make your back muscles stronger, which can reduce backaches. Relieve Stress Kicking and punching at a bag does wonders of relieving any stress you may be feeling. Imagine the thing or person that has made you mad with every kick and punch. This may even make you kick and punch even harder. Stress can give you headaches, stomach aches, heartburn, and can even make you feel depressed. You will feel a weight come off your shoulders each time you walk out of your kickboxing class. Defend Yourself You will pick up some great self-defense tips if you take a kickboxing class. This is not as good as taking judo or karate for self-defense, but it will help. Your instructor will likely show you different types of kicks that can be used to protect yourself. You could easily knock an assailant down or at least slow them down enough so you can get away. Gives You Better Posture When you do kickboxing, you work with core muscle groups, as well as small muscle groups. This ensures all the muscles in your body gets the attention they need. Because you will have much stronger muscles, you have a stronger core, which means you will have better posture. Visit some martial arts schools in your area (like Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts) to see if they teach kickboxing. You could also take kickboxing along with some other martial arts...

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