If English is not your primary language, many universities will require that you pass an English test in order to be successfully enrolled into one of their schooling programs. Most universities requiring an English test will use the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to screen applicants. If you plan on applying for college at a university that requires a proficient grade on the TOEFL test, you will want to practice grammar and spelling rules beforehand. Here are some ways you can enhance your knowledge of the English language in an attempt at a favorable test score.

Increase Your Exposure To The English Language

One of the best ways to learn the English language is through constant exposure. Instead of watching your favorite television programs in your language, opt to watch them in English. Watch movies with subtitles in your own language to help you get a feel for the language. Strike up conversations with people fluent in English so you can hear how it is spoken in everyday context. This will allow you to hear slang terminology in addition to proper English. This is important so you are able to distinguish between the two when it comes time for your testing.

Hire A Tutor To Help You Learn Proper Grammar

Hiring a tutor will give you the opportunity to ask questions as you are taught basic English rules. Your tutor will give you small tasks to accomplish with their help and on your own to help drill you. Reading, spelling, and writing exercises will be administered to give you the confidence you will need to pass the TOEFL exam.

Try Practice Tests Online To Learn 

Taking online practice English language tests online is a wonderful way to get a feel for what will be expected during the real TOEFL examination. These tests are set up in the same format as the official testing, giving you some familiarity with the process as a result. The questions asked will be similar to those you would be asked as well.

Signing up for an online testing course will help you learn the English language via test questions in addition to giving you a sample of the procedures you would need to do when it comes time for the real testing. These courses are constructed with easy to understand instructions to help guide you through the test exams without confusion. You would see scoring to help you decide if you are ready for the TOEFL exam or if you need more practice.