If you are touring child care centers for your little ones, getting the info you need is important. Sometimes even the details for child care services listed on websites or provided on guided tours won’t give you all of the information that you need as a parent. It is important that you ask a prospective child care center specific questions that relate to your child’s care and safety. Here are four questions you should always ask when picking a child care center.

1. How Long Have the Current Staff Worked Here?

While the field of child care services can have a high turnover rate, this still should be a consideration. If the child care center you are touring has all new staff, this can be a red flag. If you can talk with other staff besides the manager or assistant, this can help determine if they are happy in their role and are a good fit for your child’s care.

2. Can I Visit My Child While They are in Child Care?

Finding out where parents fit into a child care center’s philosophy is important. There are ways that child care services should be able to handle parental participation. If you are welcomed with ideas for volunteering or coordinating activities, this is a good sign that your child care center is an environment that enjoys input from parents.

3. What Educational Programs are in Place?

Depending on the age of your children, child care services can vary when it comes to integrating childhood development into basic care. Children are learning all of the time and it is a smart move to find a center that wants to foster this. Learning opportunities with physical movement, quiet activities, and group interaction are all important and should be a priority at your chosen center.

4. What are Your Thoughts on Discipline?

If this is not implicitly brought up on a child care service’s website or tour, be sure that you ask about discipline policies that are followed. There are a variety of discipline techniques that can all be acceptable, but make sure these are in line with what works for your child at home.

Keeping your child safe and happy when they are in someone else’s care is always a priority, but be sure to take an active role when choosing the right daycare. Find a place with the same child care philosophy as your own will be more likely to seamlessly integrate into your child’s life.