If you are considering putting your kids in private school because you want them to get the best education possible, you want to make sure you choose a private school that’s worth the investment. There are great private schools that offer your child many opportunities they can’t get through public schools, but there are others that don’t have the same benefits.

You need to tour each of the schools you’re considering, including the public schools in your areas to get the most information. Ask the following questions when you take your tours.

Smaller Class Sizes

You want to compare the student to teacher ratio with the public schools, to see where your child will get the most attention. Ask about teacher’s aids, and how long they are in the classroom. You want the school with the smaller class sizes and with the most help, because you are paying for your child to get all the help they can.

Advancement Options

Do all the children learn at the same pace? Often in public schools the teacher will follow a particular curriculum, and it can be hard for children to move ahead if needed, or to get extra help when necessary. Ask the private school if they have progressive programs for students who are ahead of the class, and if they can give extra attention to the kids that need it.

Class Options

Is the private school going to offer language classes, a music class, yearbook, or things like that? Some private schools are able to offer a wide range of class options outside of what the public schools can offer, while others don’t have nearly as many. You have to decide which electives are important to you for your child, and then find out what schools offer these electives.

Test scores and statistics can be impressive when you’re looking at private schools, but you have to make sure that the school you pick is the right fit for you and your child. You can get a lot of information online when you look at a school’s website, but this isn’t all the information you need to get about the school. When you walk through the buildings, check out the security details and also the atmosphere on campus. Make sure you get a good feel for what the school is like. Then you’ll be able to make the right decision for your child.