Do you have middle schoolers who will soon be in high school? You already know if you’re happy with the school system in which they are enrolled. If you’re thinking about making a change, here are some things for you to consider. It’s not to soon to be thinking about college for your kids, and their high school experience will be an important part of the preparation process.

Public High School – If your children are high achievers and they are also self-motivated, they’ll do great in public school. Most high schools have excellent programs that focus on helping your children get into college and the school counselors will be available to help kids know how to take the steps to enroll in the colleges of their choice. Unfortunately, public school classrooms are usually large, so if you have a student who struggles, he or she might get lost in the system. You’ll need to stay connected to all of their teachers, just as you did in his or her elementary and middle school years.

Home School – Have you ever thought about home schooling your children? Home school is an excellent choice because you are in control of things like the curriculum your children will use, and how much homework, if any, will be given. Besides, who in the world can teach your children better than somebody who loves them as powerfully as you do? When you home school, you can also connect with other home schooling parents for things like fun sports, field trips, science fairs, and cultural activities.  

Christian Private School – If one of your goals is to have your children in a school setting where values that are taught in the home will be supported, Christian private school would be an excellent option. Catholic schools, like Saint Thomas Academy, are one example of a place where your teenagers will be expected to adhere to a dress code, where they will be part of an honor system that doesn’t allow cheating, and where obscene language and using the name of the Lord in vain is simply not tolerated. Whether it’s at Catholic high school or another Christian school, your kids can still participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities that help round out their education. Even though you will have to pay for tuition, every penny will be worth the expense.

No matter which high school setting you select for your kids, consider keeping the SAT or ACT study guides at your house so they can be part of their studies.