If you want to offer a full-service wedding beauty package, or packages for party events that include hair, makeup, facials and more, you’ll want to go to cosmetology school. You can offer a service where you go to people’s homes or special events and do nails, hair, makeup, and more–if you have the right training. 

The training for all of these different things is different, but many people want all those services before their wedding, a dance, or just because they have a special event. Some high-end professionals are making up to $500.00 for a wedding day appointment. Here are a few things to check out at cosmetology school that you can include in your on-site service.

Cosmetology License

With your cosmetology license, you’ll be trained and licensed to cut, dye and style hair, and to also paint the nails. This is will be ideal if you want to do brides or girls that go to dances. With this license you learn the basics of painting nails, but you won’t get any information on acrylics. Not only could you do hair for events, but you could also work in a salon full time.

Makeup Artist Certification

If you want to be considered a makeup artist you have to get your certification in this area. You will learn how to safely and hygienically put on makeup in different styles, how to contour the face and more. If you are doing someone’s hair for the event you can make more money doing their makeup at the same time, and some people just want makeup done for events.


Many people are desperately trying to look younger, and they can do this with facials and skin treatments. If you get your license to be an esthetician you can do these things in a salon, or you can try to get a permit to do these things in people’s home. This license will also teach you about hair removal.

If you want to offer to make people glamourous and you aren’t sure what training you need, these three different programs at a cosmetology school are ideal. You can also get a certification to be a nail technician. Talk with the admission professionals at the cosmetology school (such as Polaris Career Center) you want to attend to see what you need to do to get into the programs, and to see if they offer a joint training program where you get multiple different licenses with one single curriculum and program.