Running an infant day care is both a rewarding and demanding activity. On the one hand, you get to be involved in the development of little ones. And on the other, you’re aware of the various rules you must observe at all times, such as quietness during periods of rest. In addition to quietness, your infant day care center must also meet safety standards to ensure that your clients’ children don’t incur any risk while interacting with others.

This article presents different furniture options that you should consider, and that are designed to help kids have a great nap time:

Furniture options for toddlers and other younger children

If you’re a registered infant day care provider, then you probably know that your center is expected to feature childcare cribs of a certain quality. Many of these materials are designed for safety:

  • Cribs whose sides were made out of Plexiglas
  • Cribs that feature a compartment to keep bedding materials
  • Cribs that were built with solid materials

Having day care cribs that were fabricated with solid materials is important because it means that the furniture items will not only last, but also have the ability to absorb different kinds of impacts.

However, you must also consider the space available in your center. Indeed, if you want to maximize the number of cribs that you’re buying based on available space, then you might want to buy two-level cribs. Another option would be to purchase crib dividers, which basically allow to place two cribs side by side without letting any sound or noise go through. 

Furniture options for older infants

Unless your day care center is only specialized in newborns, you’re most likely also providing day care services to older children. To accommodate them, you’ll need an entirely new set of furniture items since these young individuals have simply grown too much to use a crib. Instances of furniture options in which you need to invest include cots and mats. Cots are very popular because they:

  • Have a long durability
  • Are easy to clean
  • Don’t take up much space

Besides sharing the same attributes as cots, mats can also be folded and stored quite easily.

As you might know, nap is critical in the growth of children. Indeed, unless they rest enough, they won’t be able to perform well at school. And if their parents find out that being at your center was a factor, you’ll most likely lose business. So make sure you’re equipping your childcare center with high quality cribs today.