Two Flight School Questions And Answers

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Flying a plane can be one of the most liberating ways of traveling. In addition to avoiding the hassle of flying on a commercial plane, a pilot’s license can also open career opportunities for you. Unfortunately, it is not easy to become a pilot, and you will have to attend pilot school at a place like Parkland College before you are legally allowed to operate an aircraft. After considering these two questions and answers about learning to fly, you will have a better understanding of what this process will be like.  Do You Have To Be Rich For Flight School? It is no secret that obtaining a pilot’s license can be an extremely expensive process to go through. In addition paying the fees for the license, you will also need to undergo rigorous training before you will be allowed to test for your license. While these courses will provide you with the skills needed to safely fly a plane, you may need help paying for them.  Luckily, there are many flight schools that offer students a range of financial aid programs. Grants and scholarships are widely available at these facilities, and if these programs are not available, there are government loans that can be used to pay for these courses. These loans will break up the cost of the training into more manageable payments.  What Type Of Plane Is Used During Flight Training? A common assumption is that your flight school will require all students to use the same plane during the training. While it is true that these facilities have planes that students can use, it is possible to use your own plane for this training. In fact, it is often preferred for you to use your own plane because this will help ensure that you are able to more easily apply lessons from training to when you are flying alone.  If you are going to use your own plane, you may be required to purchase a policy with specific coverage requirements. This is done to protect the training school in the event you are involved in an accident during in-flight training sessions. These policies may be more costly than your normal policy, but the benefits of using your own plane during these training sessions will likely be more than worth this cost.  Learning to fly can be both a personally and professionally rewarding skill to acquire, but this will entail months of formal training before you are in a position to safely fly a plane. After considering these two questions and answers about this process, you will be in a better position to understand what to expect during flight...

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Looking For Craft Ideas For Your Daycare Center? Try These 2 Delightful Ideas

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You’re around kids enough that you know that they love to make handcrafts. One of the best things about kids’ handcrafts is that they make great gifts to give to parents for birthdays and holidays. It can tough to find crafts that are easy for kids of all ages to make. Here are just a couple craft ideas for kids to make. Photo Books If you have old hardback books laying around, they can be turned into delightful photo holders. They’re easy to make and require very few supplies. Supplies You’ll Need Old hardback books Scrapbook paper of various colors and textures Decoupage glue Foam paint brushes Safety scissors Tape measure Old pictures Directions Have the children fold all the pages of a book in half lengthwise into the center of the book. Use the tape measurer to measure the dimensions of the inside covers. Have the children cut two pieces of scrapbook paper to fit the measurements (for young children, you can do the cutting) Apply a thick layer of decoupage glue to the backs of the paper. Place the papers on each inside cover and press down firmly. Allow the decoupage glue to dry for several hours. Lay the book flat and allow the folded pages to open freely. Place pictures between the folded pages for display. Burlap Handprint Pillows Handprints are the perfect way to memorialize childhood. These burlap handprint pillows are fun to make. The children will love decorating them with their own handprints. Supplies You’ll Need Two 12″x12″ squares of burlap per pillow Several bags of pillow stuffing Craft paints in a variety of colors Paper plates Sewing machine Directions Take two pieces of burlap and sew three sides together. Leave one end open for stuffing. Give each child an empty pillow form. Place paints on paper plates. Have the children place their hands in the paint. Have them press their hands down firmly on their pillow forms. Allow the paint to dry for several hours. Have the children fill their pillows with stuffing. Sew the pillows closed. When you run a daycare center, one like Mountainside School, you’re constantly looking for crafts that children of all ages can enjoy doing. Finding handcrafts that can be given as gifts is even better. These easy to make hand crafts are the perfect gift for any occasion. Older children can make these projects on their own. Younger children will benefit from some assistance during these...

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