Learning often takes a back seat during the summer months when school is no longer in session. Just because it is summer, however, does not mean that your children should waste their brain power on video games and TV. Instead, here are 2 home education programs to encourage learning so that your children have active minds all year long.

Reverse the Roles

First, one of the best ways to encourage learning is by letting your children be the teachers. Each week, put one child in charge of teaching something to his or her siblings and to you. 

This could be a science experiment, math, cooking, doing a physical activity with the proper technique, or writing poetry. There are endless ideas that your children can choose from, and the best part is that they have to learn about the concept in order to teach their siblings.

Give your child at least a week to prepare their lesson, and then they can hold a class for up to an hour with their siblings. Remember that it is still summer, so they are not going to spend all day learning as they would at school.

Your child can then demonstrate and teach the new lesson to his or her siblings. Make sure that you give any necessary help if your child needs supplies for the lesson.

Summer Reading

Another great idea is to incorporate reading into your summer. Even though schools may not assign any books, you can create your own reading charts and rewards for every day your children read.

Let your children design their charts for each month with fun stickers and colors so that they get excited about reading. You can then ask your children what rewards they would like to earn for reading, or you can select rewards if you have some in mind.

Each child should earn points for reading the allotted time you have set for each day. If you desire, award the points at the end of each week for rewards, or wait until the end of the summer to give rewards. Just make sure that you are doing something big enough, such as a day at the water park or going to a movie.

This will encourage your children to read instead of watching TV as much, which will increase their vocabulary and their ability to imagine. 

With these ideas, you can easily encourage learning in your children even when they are not in school. By the time schools starts, your children will have sharp minds and will be ready for intensive learning again.